We offer classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, and print-making. Our focus is building Fine Art skills in a supportive space with professional guidance and materials.



Need to better understand your camera or take your editing skills to the next level?



Every PDDay, we run a day of art and outdoor play from 8:30-3:30. Ages 4-13. The days include art (some guided, some self-directed), outdoor play, and hullabaloo.


We offer art day-camps in Christmas Break, March Break, and in the summer.

Off-site Workshops

STUDIOHERE often brings art workshops to schools, workplaces, Community Centres and Museums.

Birthday Parties

Yes, STUDIOHERE will host your birthday party. You bring the food mess and we offer the art mess! (Best not wear your fanciest party clothes...) Projects are customizable and every participant goes home with a complete and hangable work of art. Maximum 12 artists. Any age.


Special Events

We're always excited when get to be involved with amazing community and art-world projects, either as STUDIOHERE or as independent artists.